Saturday, February 17, 2007

Cash From Caos - A tribute to Johnny Cash

1. Judasville - Delia's Gone (2:43)
2. The ScotchGreens - There You Go (1:50)
3. Supersuckers - Mean-Eyed Cat (2:56)
4. Reno Divorce - Guess Things Happen That Way (2:07)
5. Stevie Tombstone - Folsom Prison Blues (3:08)
6. Discharger - The City Of New Orleans (2:52)
7. Kings Of Nuthin' - Cry, Cry, Cry (2:20)
8. Deadbolt - Orange Blossom Special (3:57)
9. Jesse Dayton - Doin' My Time (2:48)
10. Southernway - The Highwayman (2:50)
11. Dead 50's - Understand Your Man (1:53)
12. Concombre Zombi - Flesh & Blood (2:35)
13. Couchdivers - Thing Called Love (2:12)
14. Banner Of Thugs - Redemption (1:48)
15. Social Combat - Country Boy (2:47)
16. Speedbuggy USA - Drive On (3:23)
17. Riot Company - There you Go (1:36)
18. Toxpack - Wanted Man (3:56)
19. The Regulars - Ring Of Fire (3:12)
20. Hank Williams III - Wreck of the Old '97 (2:58)
21. Matanza - Five feet High and Rising (1:49)
22. Sweet Poison - The Ways Of a Woman In Love (2:25)
23. Get Out - I Walk the Line (2:28)
24. Superaction - I Will Rock'n Roll With You (2:30)
25. Confuse The Cat - Devil's Right Hand (3:25)
26. South Austin Allstars - The man in black (3:30)


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