Wednesday, April 15, 2009

High Voltage Mash Ups

Various Artists
Mash Ups
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Sidon said...

1. Batman Theme vs. The Beatles vs. Surfaris - To The Taxmobile! [Lenlow] (3:53)
2. Joan Jett vs. Queen - We Will Rock and Roll You [DJ Matt Hite] (2:56)
3. James Brown vs. The Offspring - I Feel Pretty Fly (For A White Guy) [MadMixMustang] (2:57)
4. Gorillaz vs. Motorhead - Ace Of Spades Feels Good [DJ Morgoth] (2:58)
5. Ram Jam vs. Kanye West vs. Pilotpriest vs. HitHouse - Betty Got Jacked [Loo & Placido] (6:04)
6. Kiss vs. Tone Loc vs. 20 Fingers - Lick It Wild Thing [DJ Schmolli] (4:05)
7. L7 vs. CSS - Pretend We're Alala [The Illuminoids] (3:18)
8. Kings Of Leon vs. The Police - Fire In A Bottle [Tone396] (2:40)
9. Fatboy Slim vs. B-52's vs. Felix Da Housecat - Rockafeller Rocket Shack [Bass211] (5:15)
10. Justice vs. Santogold - L.E.S.D.A.N.C.E [Immuzikation] (4:39)
11. Nine Inch Nails vs. Ace Of Base - She Wants Animals [Bass211] (4:46)
12. White Stripes vs. Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams Are Made of Seven Nation Army [DJ Poly] (3:50)
13. The Prodigy & Pendulum vs. Limp Bizkit - Voodoo Bizkits [DaveRemix] (4:57)
14. Pain vs. Black Sabbath - I'm Going Paranoid [DJ Morgoth] (3:17)
15. Rage Against The Machine vs. Beastie Boys - Check The Rage Out [DJ Zebra] (1:56)
16. MGMT vs Justice vs Ramones - Teenage Electric Lobotomy [The Illuminoids] (3:36)
17. Sex Pistols vs. Ce Ce Peniston - Finally, Did You No Wrong [Go Home Productions] (2:28)
18. Bryan Adams vs. Metallica - Enter You [Wax Audio] (3:34)
19. Queen vs. Rolling Stones vs. Nirvana - Sympathy For Teen Spirit [DJ Moule] (5:01)
20. The Killers vs. Ladyhawke - Ladykillers [The Reborn Identity] (3:44)
21. Datarock vs. James Brown vs. Beatles - Fa Fa Fa Good [DJ Moule] (3:30)

Rafa Ramone said...


Anonymous said...



Unknown said...

eu vejo uma certa colaboracao nessa coletanea..hehe

Heberto said...

you should do another one of these cuz it's a great comp

Anonymous said...


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